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Essex Booster Club

Essex Booster Club Board Members

Kathleen Johnson - President - 712-370-1036

Stephanie Burnison - Vice President 712-370-6231

Jean Frank - Secretary / Treasurer 712-310-5843


The purpose of the Essex Booster Club is to promote a high level of sportsmanship and help raise funds for JH and HS athletic activities and equipment through membership and concessions. Your membership in the club is a means of showing your support for our athletes.


Please consider one of the memberships listed on the back of this brochure. Every member is invited to attend our monthly meetings and all those in attendance have full voting rights.

We are anxious to have your input and ideas!



Join Essex Booster Club!


In order to raise funds, last year the Booster Club organized.

• Athletic Showcase Suppers

• Membership drive


In 2017-2018, the Booster Club purchased:


• Football Machine

• Basketball Rebounding Machine

• Sports Enhancement program (38 athletes participated)


In 2016-2017, the Booster Club purchased:

• East gym floor refinishing

• Basketball backboards

• Fencing for baseball dugouts

• Video cameras for recording games

• Concession stand updates

• Football sled

Future Focus

Our focus for next year includes:

• Automatic basketball hoop adjuster

• Batting Cage

• Portable backstop for baseball


Family, single, or senior citizen membership will have name listed in all volleyball, football, and basketball rosters.


FAMILY- $40 Plus choice of 2 Trojan Pride items.

SINGLE- $25 Plus choice of 1 Trojan Pride item.

SENIOR CITIZENS- $20 Plus choice of 1 Trojan Pride item.

Corporate Membership

• 1" X 2" advertisement in all sports rosters

• Name listed on banner displayed in gym year round

• 4' x 8' advertising metal sign displayed on baseball homerun fence

• Choice of 5 Trojan Pride items


RED LEVEL - $250
• 1" x 2" advertisement in all sports roster

• Choice of 4 Trojan Pride items


• Name listed on all sports roster

• Choice of 3 Trojan Pride items

All corporate membership levels will receive a certificate of appreciation to display at their business!




Contact Us

Elementary- 712-379-3116
Junior High- 712-379-3114
High School- 712-379-3114

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